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How it started

Mystery Solved is a song about MS, played by various artists which include doctors. The main initiative came from neurologist, songwriter, musician and producer Patrick Vanderdonckt. Everything started with Feline, a girl with MS. Together with neurologist Professor Gavin Giovanonni, she was the trigger for the song. 

And boy, were we in for a ride.


MS is a neurological disease affecting 1/1000 people, often at a young age.


Nfusion wants to support research into the cause of MS, specifically the role of Epstein Barr virus.


Alert the MS experts all over the world: send rare biopsy or autopsy material to a few specialised virological labs.


A small effort for a big result

Mystery Solved vzw wants to break barriers in research for the cause of MS. Besides awareness we have to raise funds. Therefore we need your help. Any contribution starting from 1 euro can do so much. Let your heart speak and help us find a cure for this disease.

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Mystery Solved vzw
Dr. Patrick Vanderdonckt
Album ‘Mystery Solved’ By NFusion

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Dr. Patrick Vanderdonckt
Album ‘Mystery Solved’ By NFusion

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